StrongLoop Arc and slc are no longer under active development, and will soon be deprecated. Arc's features are being included in the IBM API Connect Developer Toolkit: Please use it instead.
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To generate and view metrics, you must have:

  • A standard set of C++ compiler tools on the system running the application.  See Installing compiler tools for more information.
  • A valid StrongLoop license key on the system running the application.
    You automatically get a free trial license valid for 30-days from when you first run Arc that applies to apps running locally within Arc. See Managing your licenses for more information.


Run Arc to get license key

You must run StrongLoop Arc at least once to get a license key.  The first time you run Arc, it contacts the StrongLoop license server to request a free 30-day trial key.


You automatically get a free 30-day trial StrongLoop license key that starts the first time you run StrongLoop Arc. You can renew the trial license for certain features; see Renewing a license.

To manage your StrongLoop product licenses in Arc go to the Licenses page that shows the license keys for specific features.

For more information on licenses and subscriptions, see

See Managing your licenses for more information.

Identify application name


If you created your application with slc loopback, this requirement will automatically be met.

The application name must be specified in one of the following ways:

  • The application's package.json file name property.  If you create your application with the slc loopback command, it creates this file and sets the application name appropriately. 
  • Environment variable STRONGLOOP_APPNAME.  


The value of the environment variable supersedes the value set in package.json.

For example:

Excerpt from package.json

Install compiler tools

To be able to view all metrics for an application (including memory and CPU profiling), you must have a small set of standard compiler tools on the machine running the application.  See Installing compiler tools for more information.  


If you don't install compiler tools, you will see warnings when you run the application.

Enable monitoring with third-party consoles

To enable monitoring with third-party consoles, either:

  • Set the STRONGLOOP_METRICS environment variable to a StatsD, Graphite, or Splunk collector URL
  • Install StrongLoop Process Manager as a service with sl-pm-install --metrics <url> where <url> is a StatsD, Graphite, or Splunk collector URL.

Then simply run your application in StrongLoop Process Manager or with Arc: To run a local application in StrongLoop PM, use slc start.  For production, start PM as described in Setting up a production host and then deploy your application to it.