StrongLoop Arc and slc are no longer under active development, and will soon be deprecated. Arc's features are being included in the IBM API Connect Developer Toolkit: Please use it instead.
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The slc ctl command provides sub-commands to set and view the values of variables in the StrongLoop Process Manager (PM) environment.

Setting and viewing environment variables with Arc

To view environment variable settings on a remote host, first connect to Process Manager running on the host.

Then click on the inverted triangle next to the host name and choose Edit host environment.

You'll see a list of the environment variables defined in that Process Manager's environment:

To add a new environment variable for the selected Process Manager:

  1. Click Add Variable
  2. Enter the environment variable name and value.
  3. Click Save.

Setting and viewing environment variables with slc

Use slc ctl env-get to view all environment variables for a StrongLoop Process Manager environment.  For example:

The license key string in the example above was truncated for brevity.

Use slc ctl env-set to set the value of one or more StrongLoop PM environment variables.  When you set the value, StrongLoop PM automatically restarts the application it is managing with that new value.  This enables you to set the value "on the fly" without redeploying the application.  

See slc ctl command reference for details.


To set environment variables before you deploy an app:

  1. Create the service with slc ctl create my-app. This creates a service "container" my-app without an actual application.
  2. Set environment variables for service my-app with commands like slc ctl env-set my-app FOO=x BAR=y.
  3. Deploy your application with a command like slc deploy -s my-app ...

For example, for a local application with service name my-app:

To set more than one variable, separate them with a space:

For a remote application:

Environment variables



Path to the SSH private key to use when connecting with http+ssh. Default is current SSH agent. 
SSH_PORTport to use with http+ssh. Default is 22.
SSH_USER Username when connecting with http+ssh. Default is your current user.


The number of workers the supervisor process will create. Determines the default cluster size if you don't provide an argument to slc ctl set-size. See slc ctl set-size for more information.

Your StrongLoop license key(s). Separate multiple license keys with a colon (:). 

STRONGLOOP_METRICSMetrics URL. For more information, see Monitoring with slc.
STRONGLOOP_PMControl channel or Process Manager URL to use.  For a remote Process Manager, this must specify the URL on which the Process Manager is listening. See the slc ctl -C option for more information.

Set to the user name and password for secure access with HTTP authentication with the format STRONGLOOP_PM_HTTP_AUTH=username:password. 

See Securing Process Manager for more information.