StrongLoop Arc and slc are no longer under active development, and will soon be deprecated. Arc's features are being included in the IBM API Connect Developer Toolkit: Please use it instead.
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These are the instructions to run an app locally with Arc. To run an app remotely, you must start Process Manager on the remote system, then build and deploy the app in Arc; see Building and deploying for details.

NOTE: Because Arc app controller uses StrongLoop Process Manager, you cannot use it to run apps on Windows systems.

Follow the instructions in Using Arc to run Arc and log in.

Use Arc App Controller to run an application.  

The application must have one of the following in the root directory (where you're running Arc):

  • Main application script file named server.jsapp.js, or index.js.
  • A package.json file with a main property specifying the main application script file.

You can always run applications you create with the LoopBack Application generatorslc loopback.

To run an application:

  1. Click  at the upper right of the view to display App Controller, shown at right.  
  2. Click the Start button to start the application.  

When the application has initialized and is ready to accept requests, it will say RUNNING along with a link to the application root, by default http://localhost:3000/ for the local application.

Click Stop to stop a running application.

Typically, you'll see feedback in the console where you started Arc, for example, for a standard scaffolded LoopBack application:

To stop the application, click the Stop button.  

After making changes to the application, click Restart button to restart the application so you can see the changes.

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