StrongLoop Arc and slc are no longer under active development, and will soon be deprecated. Arc's features are being included in the IBM API Connect Developer Toolkit: Please use it instead.
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StrongLoop Arc Profiler enables you to gather and view CPU profiling and heap memory snapshot data for Node applications running on remote servers as well as on the local system.



To use StrongLoop Profiler, you must:

You cannot generate profiles for applications running on Windows 8 systems, due to a known issue in Node.

Loading the Profiler module

Click Profiler in module picker to display Arc Profiler:

Enter the following:

  • Hostname: Host where StrongLoop PM is running.
  • Port: Port number on which StrongLoop PM is listening.

Click Load to display all the processes for the application managed by that PM.

Now, you can create and view CPU profiles and heap snapshots; For more information, see:

Viewing local profile files

You can also generate CPU profiles and heap snapshots with StrongLoop Controller, the slc command-line tool.   Then you can view the results in Arc.

For more information, see


Arc lists generated profiles on the left of the Profiler module. Click on a profile to view it.

The profile files are saved on the system where PM is running in the .strong-pm subdirectory in the home directory of the user running PM (~/.strong-pm). The file names are:

  • CPU profiles: profile.1.cpuprofile, profile.2.cpuprofile, profile.3.cpuprofile, and so on.
  • Heap snapshots: profile.1.heapsnapshot, profile.2.heapsnapshot, profile.3.heapsnapshot, and so on.

Choose File to load CPU profiles and heap snapshots from the local file system:

Choose either JavaScript/Node.js CPU Profile or Heap Snapshot.

Click Load.

Clearing all loaded profiles

To clear all profiles click .

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