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For application dependencies, npm will automatically update packages that your application requires, based on the information in the package.json file.  For more information on package.json, see the npm documentation.  


See Security advisories for important upgrade information required to address security issues.

Basic update


The current version of strongloop is .

Update your installation with this command:

Performing a clean re-installation

If you installed StrongLoop after 6 Aug 2014, and need to perform a clean reinstallation, follow these steps:


If you originally installed StrongLoop on or before 6 Aug 2014, follow the instructions in Uninstalling StrongLoop installation from before 6 Aug 2014.

If you have a LoopBack 1.x app


You must make changes to your old app to run it with LoopBack 2.0.

Follow the instructions in Migrating apps to version 2.0 to move your application to version 2.

Updating your Node.js installation

To update your version of Node, simply reinstall Node as you did previously.  See for details.