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Number of pages by space

For SL total pages is 40.

For APIS total pages is 12.

For SLC total pages is 102.

For LB total pages is 328.

For LGW total pages is 9.

For MSG total pages is 11.

For NODE total pages is 55.

For ALLDOCS total pages is 4.

GRAND TOTAL IS 515 pages



Does not include: old documentation for previous versions, localized (translated) pages, or API reference docs (

Word counts

Below is based on average 250 words per page.

DocsPage countEst. word count
SL (Installation)379,250
SLC (Operating Node Apps)9924,750
LB (LoopBack)33283,000
NODE (Reference)5413,500

Word counts for API docs has 24 pages.  But that number is basically meaningless, because some of those pages are VERY long, eg. and some are quite short eg.

  • Word counts based on results from
  • Normalized page count based on average 250 words per page.

NOTE: API docs for iOS and Android SDK are generated by Doxygen and Javadoc, respectively.  These contain many subpages, and the word count here is a rough estimate based on a nominal per-page word-count times total number of generated pages.

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