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Run the Node Inspector debugger.


slc debug [node-inspector-options] [options] script [script-arguments]

The script argument is resolved relative to the current working directory. If no such file exists, then the command searches env.PATH.

By default, the command loads the module in the current working directory in the REPL session as `m`. This enables you to call and debug arbitrary functions exported by the current module.

The default mode is to break on the first line of the script.  To run immediately on start, use `--no-debug-brk` or click the Resume button.


--cli, -c
CLI mode, do not open browser.

 --debug-brk, -b 
Break on the first line (as with node --debug-brk).  Default is true.

--debug-port, -d  
Node/V8 debugger port.  Default is 5858.

 --web-port, -p, --port 
Node Inspector port.  Default is 8080. 


The slc debug command passes the following options to the node-inspector command.

Array of files to hide from the UI (breakpoints in these files will be ignored).   Default is [].

Do not preload JavaScript files. Use this option for faster startup. 

 Save live edit changes to disk (update the edited files).  Default is false.

--stack-trace-limit <n>
Show <n> stack frames on a breakpoint.  Default is 50.

--web-host <port>

HTTP host on which to listen.  Default is


-h, --help
Display help information.

-v, --version
Display version number.