Translation last updated: 17 Nov 2015.
This documentation is for LoopBack 2.x.
For the latest information, see the LoopBack documentation in English.
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All of the endpoints in the Application REST API are inherited from the PersistedModel REST API.  The reference is provided here for convenience.

Quick reference

URI Pattern

HTTP VerbDefault PermissionDescriptionArguments




Add application instance and persist to data source.

JSON object (in request body)
/applicationsGETDenyFind instances of applications that match specified filter.

One or more filters in query parameters:

  • where
  • include
  • order
  • limit
  • skip / offset
  • fields
/applicationsPUTDenyUpdate / insert application instance and persist to data source.JSON object (in request body)
/applications/idGETDenyFind application by ID: Return data for the specified application instance, the application instance ID (in URI path)
/applications/idPUTDenyUpdate attributes for specified application ID and persist.

Query parameters:

  • data - An object containing property name/value pairs
  • id - The model id
/applications/idDELETEDenyDelete application with specified instance, application ID (in URI path)

Check instance existence: Return true if specified application ID exists.

URI path:

  • id - Model instance ID

Return the number of application instances that matches specified where clause.

Where filter specified in query parameter

Find first application instance that matches specified filter.

Same as Find matching instances.
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