StrongLoop Arc is no longer under active development, and will soon be deprecated. Arc's features are being included in the IBM API Connect Developer Toolkit: Please use it instead.
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Running Arc

Follow the steps in Creating a new API to create a LoopBack application, then run Arc as follows:



With Arc version 1.8.4+, to run Arc remotely (not on your local desktop system), you must set the HOST environment variable to  For example, if you are running Arc on a Linux system:

$ export HOST=

Logging in to Arc

When you first start Arc, you'll see the login screen:

StrongLoop Arc is free to use, but you must login to use it.  

First, if you haven't done so you must register at On the bottom right of the StrongLoop Arc Sign In page is a link to the registration page on  If you've forgotten your password you can reset it using the link on the bottom left.

Login with your StrongLoop username (or email address) and password.   After logging in, you'll see the StrongLoop Arc launchpad:

Choose ComposerBuild & Deploy, Process ManagerMetrics, Tracing, or Profiler module.


Tracing is private beta feature.

Quitting Arc

To exit Arc, type Ctrl-C in the console where you started Arc.

Overview of Arc Composer


You can use the Arc Build & Deploy, Profiler, Metrics, and Process Manager modules with any Node application. However, API Composer works only with LoopBack applications.

Click Composer in the Arc Launchpad or module picker to display Composer module.

As shown above, Composer has five main sections:

Models and data sources navigation shows currently open and active objects: Open objects are highlighted with a shade of lighter gray.  Active objects are highlighted in blue and displayed in the main editing view.

Using Arc offline

Arc runs as a single-page web application on your machine, however it requires internet connectivity for certain features.  For example, StrongLoop's user service provisions Arc authentication and authorization, and Arc saves the information to cookies in your browser.  Currently, cookies are valid for two weeks from the time you login.  

Once you have a valid cookie, you can use Arc offline.  Arc will also remember where you left off after you exit using Ctrl+C in your console.