StrongLoop Arc is no longer under active development, and will soon be deprecated. Arc's features are being included in the IBM API Connect Developer Toolkit: Please use it instead.
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StrongLoop Arc is a visual tool suite for creating, packaging, deploying, profiling, managing, and monitoring Node applications and APIs. 

StrongLoop Arc is divided into modules that provide distinct features:

 Arc Composer enables you to:

For more information, see Composing APIs.

Profiler module enables you to generate and view:

  • Application CPU profiles (per process).
  • Application heap snapshots (per process), to help diagnose memory leaks.

For more information, see Profiling with Arc.

Click Profile Settings (full) to set up Smart Profiling.  See Smart profiling with Arc for more information.

Build & Deploy module enables you to build, package, and deploy your Node application to a local or remote system.

For more information, see Building and deploying with Arc.

Metrics module enables you to gather and view performance metrics on your application (per process).

For more information, see Viewing metrics with Arc.

Process Manager module enables you to manage an application running in clustered mode across multiple server hosts.

For more information, see Connecting to Process Manager from Arc.


Tracing is a private beta feature.

The StrongLoop Arc Tracing module enables you to analyze performance and execution of Node applications to discover bottlenecks and trace code execution paths.  You can display up to five hours of data to discover how applications perform over time.

You can drill down into specific function calls and execution paths for HTTP and database requests, to see how and where your application is spending time. Tracing provides powerful "flame graph" visualization of an application's function call stack and the corresponding execution times to help you track down where the application spends its time.

For more information, see Tracing.