StrongLoop Arc is no longer under active development, and will soon be deprecated. Arc's features are being included in the IBM API Connect Developer Toolkit: Please use it instead.
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  1. Install StrongLoop.
  2. Follow instructions in Using Arc:
    1. If you don't already have an app, create a LoopBack app with slc loopback.
    2. In the project root directory, start Arc and login: slc arc.

StrongLoop Composer's discovery feature enables you to quickly and easily create models from existing database tables.  Follow these steps:

  1. Create a data source to connect to your database, providing your database server credentials, as described in Creating and editing data sources.
  2. Test the connection using the Test Connection button to ensure that you can connect to the database.
  3. In the navigation pane, click on the inverted triangle next to the data source and choose Discover models:
  4. Composer will list the tables in the database, as shown below (for example).  Select the tables for which you want to create models, or click Select All to create models for all the tables shown, then click Next.
  5. Composer will list the columns in each table you selected, along with the relevant metadata.  Deselect any columns for which you don't want to create properties, then click Next.

In general, do not deselect the primary key column(s) that uniquely identify rows in the table. LoopBack requires each model an ID property that has unique values. See ID properties for more information.


Composer will then create the selected models and properties corresponding to the database's tables and columns, and display them in the model editor; for example:



For more information on LoopBack model discovery, see Discovering models from relational databases.

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